Båstad-Gruppen is a modern company with a long tradition of shoemaking. Our focus is on providing high quality safety and professional footwear, with sales via distributors.

Båstad-Gruppen 1907-2019

Today, Båstad-Gruppen is one of leading suppliers of safety and professional footwear in the Nordic region, which we sell via distributors across Europe. Our largest markets at present are Sweden and Norway, but markets in continental Europe are becoming increasingly important. Everything started in 1907, which is when we began making clogs. In the 1980s, the business shifted focus towards safety footwear. This proved highly prosperous and the company continued to grow. The result was a further expansion of the range to include well-known brands, and several safety footwear manufacturers became linked with the company.

In 2003 the company acquired Birkenstock Scandinavia, which up until then had been an important supplier. The same year saw the founding of a sales company, Båstad Industri, which today is responsible for all industrial customer relations. In the mid-2000s, Båstad-Gruppen established a proprietary brand, MONITOR. From a modest start with only a few safety shoe models, the current range of MONITOR products has grown to more than one hundred items within safety footwear, professional footwear and workwear.


The subsidiary Båstad Norge AS, which handles the sales of our products in Norway, was formed in 2007. Another subsidiary was formed in 2015, Båstad Danmark ApS, which handles our sales in Denmark.

Sales growth has consistently been very positive. The increased volumes have provided the company with a stable economy, which allows us to continue expanding throughout Europe. In addition to our solid range of safety footwear, we also have exclusive rights to a number of strong professional brands. Adidas, Salomon, Reebok and Under Armour to name just a few.

Båstad Industri, Båstad Norge and Båstad Danmark only sell via distributors. This is part of our vision that the company shall be represented in all major cities and towns. Through valuable cooperation with leading manufacturers of safety, professional and recreational products, we currently enjoy a unique position in the industry. No one else is able to offer a more comprehensive range than we can.

Increased sales have led to Båstad-Gruppen, on multiple occasions, investing in new, larger premises. In January 2015 the company relocated to brand-new premises in Ängelholm. The new facility enables us to grow in line with our established plan.

In 2018, just three years after the move, the time had come for another upgrade. We expanded the office section in order to make space for additional employees. After the renovation, our facility in Ängelholm now spans around 6,000 m2 of office and warehouse floor space.


Båstad Gruppen AB
Box 1031
262 21 Ängelholm, Sweden

Head Office, Visiting Address
Fraktgatan 1
262 73 Ängelholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 431-73200
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